Air Sampling Instruments Ltd.

ASI Ltd,Monitor House,59 Mossley Road,Grasscroft,Oldham,OL4 4HD Tel/Fax: 01457 874457/07981 114076

Industry specialists in the hire, service, repair and manufacture of air sampling pumps, equipment and accessories compliant with COSHH requirements as applicable.

We also provide custom design and build and an extensive range of associated accessories, filters and media.

Guidance on all aspects of air sampling including inhalable thoracic and respirable dusts; solvents and organic monitoring; heavy metals e.g. Lead, Chromium; Isocyanates; Formaldehyde; Amines and resin acids; Asbestos and Silica and other environmental issues.


AIRBUG product range manufactured in the UK. The Airbug Personal Air Sampling Pump is lightweight, compact and simple to use......


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